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      Why Accessories are Life!



      Hey Glowgetters! 

      #TeamAGlow is trying something new. 

      With #StyledByAGlow, we’re sharing our top style picks from the AGlow site to get, and keep you fly from head to toe.

      And this month is no exception. Dress it up, or dress it down, our December picks will have you looking and feeling like M-O-N-E-Y.


      Faux Snakeskin Animal Print Earrings 

      We don’t know about you guys, but there is something about animal print just screams sex appeal. Our Black & White Faux Snakeskin Animal Print Earrings are the subtle bit of flash you need to add a little spice to your wardrobe. 

      Layered Choker 

      Every fashionista knows that a good statement necklace will take any outfit to the next level. Well, not to sound cocky, but - You’re Welcome. Our Gold Layered Choker is the perfect style piece to set off your wardrobe. You’ll want to pair it with any and everything!

      Ring 4 Piece Set

      Did someone say, “stacks, on stacks, on stacks, on stacks, on stacks”?

      We’ve got you covered with our 4 Piece Ring Set. Whether you want to go the minimalist route or stack’em up, these rings are made to suit your needs. 

      Style Tip: A good mix of simple, minimalist jewelry and flash adds texture to any outfit. 

      Orange Messenger Bag 

      There is absolutely nothing subtle about our Orange Messenger Bag. You walk into any space with this beauty and the Elephant won’t be the only thing in the room. Standing out never looked so good. 


      Like what you see? Glow get’em. 


      Shop the look! 

      Earrings | Necklace | Rings |  Purse

      And as always...

       Shine Bright,

      Why Accessories Are EVERYTHING!

      Why Accessories Are EVERYTHING!

      What is Fashion without Accessories? What makes one all black outfit different from another?

      Accessories is the answer to both of these questions!

      Fashion Accessories can add your own sense of style and taste to any outfit. They can complete and enhance the look. Accessories are just as important as the actual clothes because they tie the entire outfit together.  Fashion is nothing without the accessories giving it life!  An accessory can be an earring, bag, belt, necklace, sunglasses, bracelets, rings and much more.   

      Why are these item so important?

      Here are some reasons why we think Accessories are Everything!

      Accessories let you express your personal style

      Your personality and style can shine through based on your choices in clothes and fashion accessories. It can show if you like to play with colors, shapes , textures or patterns. The biggest accessory of them all is the confidence you have within yourself.  Confidence paired with the right clothes and accessories can lead to your own signature look and style. 

      Accessories can define the occasion

      Accessories can be used to set the tone for any event based on the items you choose. Accessories can turn a work outfit quickly into a going out after work outfit by just adding or switching a few pieces around. 

      Accessories can save you time and money

      Accessories are affordable and can be repeatedly styled and worn in multiple ways. Accessories usually fit all people and you are less likely to be judged if they are worn frequently. Also, accessories save you time when shopping. You can activate that personal style listed above and mix and match your accessories together to come up with a look that makes you feel like the "Glow-getter"  you are.  

      Lastly, Accessories are FUN!

      Switching up accessories or pairing different items together can be a really fun process. It's almost like playing dress up but you are the MUSE! Did we mention that the right look can really elevate your mood! #Glow-getter #MOOD

      These are our top reasons why we love accessories! We would love to hear why accessories are important to you. Please let us know in the comments below.

      Until Next time Glow-Getters.

      Shine Bright,

      AGlow Accessories