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      Find your Glow

      5 Ways to Find and Keep Your Glow

      5 Ways to Find and Keep Your Glow

      As a Glow-getter it is very important to Protect your Glow! As a reminder we devised a few tips to help your Glow stay in tact.

      AGlow Tips:

      1) Stay Hydrated

      Water feeds your soul. There are so many great health benefits to drinking water including keeping your skin clear. 

      2) Surround Yourself with Uplifting People

      Who you share your energy with is so important especially during the times we are in. Be purposeful on who you interact with and choose people who uplift you and your spirit.

      3) Do things That Make You Happy

      We cannot stress this point enough! Activities may be limited but there are so many things that provide a sense of joy which does not necessarily require a plane ticket (Even though we wish were on an island right now). Find joy in the little things and create new avenues of happiness by trying new things. For example wearing your favorite outfit or favorite statement piece could lift your mood and make you feel great! Sometimes dressing up for yourself can uplift your spirit.  

      4) Keep Active

      Prior to the pandemic most of us were constantly on the go and the pandemic has drastically changed that. Whether we love it or not being active is a huge part of being healthy. All Gyms may not be open, but there are some great at home work out options that can still keep you active. Even taking a walk around the block (Mask included) can be something to get you up and moving. 

      5) Take time to Recharge

      Recharging is so important. Even if you are an extrovert or introvert, all of us need that down time to relax, be lazy, and get ourselves back to normal. Taking the time to just veg out on the couch, sleep in, or even disconnect from social media can make all the difference. 

      Remember, a healthy balance of the tips mentioned above can get you started on your journey to finding and keeping your glow!

      Until next time Glow-getters,

      Shine Bright,

      AGlow Accessories.